One comment on “Myth 3: Comparisons with the Appalachian Trail (A Guthook Rant)

  1. Guthook, I hiked a section of the AT (Newfound Gap to Hot Springs) for the first time in seven years. I got so used to the trails out west here that I forgot about my first love – the AT! I had a great hike, and a new appreciation for hiking on the east coast. I have plans to hike the Long Trail and the Bartram Trail some day.

    All that said, I hope you get to hike the CDT. You will have a great experience, and vastly different experience as you have had on both the AT and PCT. I give the hiking out west here serious props for the wilderness experience. There are very few places out east (i.e. Maine) where one can experience vast wilderness like one can out here in the west.

    Anyway, thanks for the rant. You have been heard!

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