3 comments on “Myth 4: It’s So Hard to Get Into Town from the PCT

  1. Hey Guthfolk,

    thanks for your interesting insights! I’m planning to do the pct in 2017, but I’m a little worried about the “Wild” Effect and how it affects the trail. Do you think the higher freuquency of hikers will make ot harder to hitch a ride? Maybe natives get stressed out by people hitching around.


    • If anything, more hikers means it will be easier to get rides. Looking at the Appalachian Trail as an example, as the trail has become more widely known, drivers are more used to seeing hikers looking for rides into town. Also, with more people understanding what through-hikers are all about (or at least thinking they know what it’s all about since it’s been written about so extensively), more people seem to see through-hikers as less threatening and more a curiosity.

  2. I am planning a thru Ride on the PCT in 2017 and am attempting to coordinate competing in 5 or 6 cowboy shoots as close to the trail as possible. If anyone has a list of towns close to the trail and they could send it to me i will be able to map cowboy shoot opportunities, thanks. Please leave response on the Long Riders info email . Go to http://www.longriders.org and in the footer you will find a kink

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