4 comments on “Guthook’s Gear Guide: A-Frame tarps

  1. Ryan,

    Great series on your hike, and backpacking in general.

    I went to tarp camping this year, and found great success and great designs in tarps from AlpinLite Gear. Really phenomenal tarps. Google will take you there.



  2. I had not heard of Alpinlite, but just checked out their site. Looks like good stuff. And very reasonably priced, too, considering the craftsmanship. If only I had more time and money to test things like this… Thanks for the heads up on Alpinlite, THF.

  3. Thanks Connie! Tarping isn’t for the faint of heart, but once you get through a few rainy nights in one, you start to realize it works quite well. I’m out of practice right now, but I’m pretty excited to get back out in my tarp next summer. I’m even hoping to try some new things, too– either a snazzy catenary cut tarp, or a tiny, dual-purpose poncho tarp. We’ll see how it goes.

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