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  1. Hey Guthook!

    Great post. The re-adjustment is always hard after any trail. After I hiked the PCT, I started running a lot, and I found that helped a lot. Also, I know people go off to hike a trail to forget about things in society, but I think it is very important in planning a hike to have some kind of exit strategy, or at least start the process in the last third of a thru-hike. I found that helped me after I came off the CDT. I had work right after the trail, so I did not have those long stretches of restless tv watching three weeks after the trail.

    I hope you enjoyed your experience on the PCT. It was sure great running into all you hikers at various ponts along the trail.



  2. Not sure if I met you. But good for you finding work already. I am still looking. Thank goodness there are some serious hills in my backyard…I’m going stir crazy! Thanx for sharing ur blog

    Sugar Moma

  3. Sugar Moma, I met you just north of Steven’s Pass in Washington. I think you were heading back to Skykomish for some rest. I hope it went well!

    Freefall, it was wonderful meeting you, too. Both at Old Station and in Cascade Locks. You are absolutely right that hitting the ground running is key to readjusting correctly. I started thinking about coming back when I was in Oregon, but I think I needed to take a little more action rather than just thinking about ideas. Of course, now that I’m back I’ll be looking at your CDT blog very soon… you know, for future ideas.

  4. Hi Guthook,
    Glad to hear you are settling into Portland life. It is a great small city! I saw your post on VFFT. Unfortunately I am not an official member, hiking mostly solo. I’ve lived in Portland for 5 years and am closing in on my goal of the 48 NH 4K peaks. I cut my teeth on AT section hiking in the Smokies when I was in highschool and college, and more recently have been leading trips out West on Whitney, in the Winds, CO, MT and UT in my quest to climb the lower 48 state highpoints. Older now, mid-50’s, yet still faster than book time. I want to do some interesting and challenging winter hikes, starting with the Pyramids next weekend, and Isolation, Washington by a different route (been up it 8 times, 3 in winter, always a different route!). Send me a note and I’ll buy you a Belgian beer at Novare Res and we can discuss hiking plans. Stuart

  5. Hey Stuart,

    Glad to hear there are more of us crazy hikers in Portland.

    I wish the comments feature of blogspot were better. There seems to be no built-in way of contacting you through the comments. Huh… I don’t know enough about blog management yet.

    Email me sometime, though. My address is [firstname].c.[lastname]@gmail.com. You can figure that out, right?

  6. Thanks for sharing, an interesting insight for many, I believe. Being an entrepreneur, I believe it will be somewhat easier for me to walk an long trail and then get back into work after it, but that is easily said without actually doing it. Next year, maybe =)

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