2 comments on “Backpackinglight.com PCT Article, part 1

  1. Guthook,

    I just casually ventured over to BPL to check what’s new and got sucked into reading the PCT article on the homepage. I kept thinking “I hiked the PCT in 2010… who wrote this??? Who the hell is Ryan Linn???” And after some investigating, figured it out.

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the article and I’m glad to see the subject of the PCT’s “vortex of fear” addressed by someone. Looking forward to the next installations.

    Ben Mayberry
    The Graduate

  2. Hey The Graduate,

    I did the same thing when I saw the name Ben Mayberry. Good to hear you’re still around and kicking, and that you enjoyed the article. It was great hiking with you, what little time there was!


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