4 comments on “Guthook’s Gear Guide: Montbell Down Inner Pants

  1. I have yet to really “need” my down pants, but look forward to when I do. I also enjoy the fit. I have the Montbell Men’s Small and they are a perfect fit.

  2. I had mine in the beginning of the 2011 AT hike, starting on March 1st, 2011. I loved them, and would get to camp everyday and put them on. I still had them in Virginia. I am a cold natured person. I truly enjoyed getting to camp and having these just to chill in. Not to mention the extra comfort they extended to you in the sleeping bag.

    Hike, Bike, Dale!

    • Heck yeah. I’ve started taking these on pretty much every trip I go on if the temps are predicted to get into the 30s. Such a wonderful comfort item, eh?

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