6 comments on “You’re Hiking Too Fast! Or Not Fast Enough!

  1. Yeah. Regardless, it’s important not to be negative about how other people do things. Just because we all hike doesn’t mean we all hike the same way or enjoy it the same.

  2. well said indeed. I found myself in this situation quite often too. Sometimes I would even find myself doing the complete 180 of this too. I would think,
    ” how can you enjoy the trail doing only 8 miles a day? There’s only so many breaks you can take or hours you can sit and look at the same mountain. To enjoy is to see new things as you walk right…”

    But I realized quite early, like you, that each person has their own comfort and enjoyment zone. In NoCal I spent several days hiking with a small group that was just a little too fast for me, and my enjoyment started to go down. Once I made the decision to break away and slow down a hair, the trail became infinitely more enjoyable.

    But…like you said, people have a tendency to be condescending regardless. It’s in these times I just politely smile and nod and say something silly like, “yeah I guess I’m a bit crazy. anyway…enjoy the trail and hike on”

    great blog by the way guthook.

  3. Lakewood, I’ve thought the same thing from time to time. Your hike is a good example of the way people think of other hikes, though. When you were in Oregon I read your journal and commented to other people that you were going to be one of the first through-hikers to Canada. The reaction was invariably “it’s not a race!” But that wasn’t the point. I just thought it was cool that someone I hiked with would be among the first to finish for the year. I was excited about your progress, and they were scornful of what they perceived as glory-seeking.

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