4 comments on “Acadia Loop Road: Biking To Stay Sane

  1. After just commenting on Karl’s post on the Moats this weekend I figured I’d come over here to see if you’d provided any evidence from the Acadia bike trip. Beautiful is definitely not a strong enough adjective! We always stick to the carriage roads with the bikes due to the insane traffic. Having a car-less loop road is definitely sweet! Seeing your pics is making me start thinking about our trip in August (and realizing how far away that is).

  2. You’re right. I haven’t biked on the Loop Road during the normal season. Come to think of it, I’m usually only in Acadia in the off-season. Not that I’m totally opposed to the crowds, but I just seem to find myself elsewhere at those times. Good luck on your August trip!

  3. wow….Acadia looks sweet…and to have it to yourself without motorized vehicles is a major plus! I am planning to go there for the first time this May. Once I finish my 48 in NH I plan to spend more time in Maine!

  4. Grant, enjoy your first visit to Acadia! Chances are you’ll have some more crowds to deal with, but I wouldn’t let that damage the experience for you. During the main tourist season I like to hit the hiking trails on the west side of the island, which are less crowded. I’m sure you can relate– in the Whites you can avoid a lot of crowds by steering clear of Washington. On Acadia it’s Cadillac. However it works out, I hope you enjoy it! Good biking, hiking, climbing, and boating.

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