4 comments on “Guthook’s Gear Guide: Ursack Minor Food Bag

  1. I haven’t used my Ursack Minor in a while, but it definitely held up well when I did. I’m much more comfortable with hanging my food, but out west where I had fewer trees (and less patience), it was great to just leave the bag and listen to the mice go at it.

  2. Would the small LOKSAK fit into the Ursack? Maybe that would prevent the mice from smelling the food in the first place.

  3. You know, that probably would work. I haven’t used the OPSack before, but lots of people out there did, and I’m pretty sure it would fit. The Ursack is pretty big– I could fit five or six days worth of food in it (or 4-5 when my appetite is really huge).

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