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  1. I have tried to avoid wearing sunscreen, but it just doesn’t work. Last week I didn’t put on any sunscreen, but when I got home I felt a burning sensation all over my face. I was even so careful not to go out in direct sun light. I would say play it safe and supplement it by wearing sun protective clothing.

  2. Finding the right pair of hiking pants is not easy…I wish you and your new pants well!! That mesh vent is super cool! I still use EMS’s convertible hiking pants that give me the option of long pants or shorts. I don’t know what they weigh but it is worth it for the versatility.

  3. I used to use convertible pants all the time, but I found I was only wearing them one way or the other for really long periods of time, and that the extra fabric in those pants always made them slow to dry. That’s why I’ve switched to either pants or shorts but not both in the same item. But you’re right. It’s not easy to find the perfect thing, whatever your preference.

  4. I have two pairs of Thorofares and made exactly the same experience than you – über-super-duper-light, but the get very hot n sweaty in summer. Not a problem if it is windy, though. The Thorofare shirt, btw, is even worse. Anyway.

    I have used Fjällräven G1000 pants (so-not-light) and those breath well, but get to their limits in really warm weather. The Arc’teryx Palisade pants seem so far to be the best in terms of breathability, lightness and durability. They also dry super quick. Contra point: They’re pricey.

    I’ll wait and see how you like these pants, I don’t think I can get them in Europe, so if they’re good at least I’d have an excellent reason to come and visit the US =)

  5. Pants are a hard thing for me– shorts are the way to go most of the time, but ticks are an issue here. Sounds like you’ve tested out more options than I have, though. So far the Bone Flats are good, from what I’ve found on a few day hikes– a bit baggier than the Thorofares, and the mesh is certainly delicate, but otherwise I think they’ll do well.

    International shipping… not something I know much about. I bet you could find a store that would ship to Finland… although I’m not sure about prices. Good luck!

  6. I hadn’t seen those before. I’m on my 4th year using Rail Riders EcoMesh Pants which have a zipper over a mesh panel on the outer seem. Maybe I’ll give these a try next for the summer. Have to agree with you regarding enhanced lyme disease protection. Not worth getting a tan on your legs if you get a tick bite.

  7. I think this model only came out this year, which is why you haven’t seen them yet. I’d heard so many good things about the eco-mesh pants (including your review), that I figured I had to give it a shot. These are very similar, just lighter.

    No leg tans? Come on, Phil… sweet tans are the only reason I hike! 🙂

  8. I wear loose fitting tights, but snug at the ankle. Many brand tights for bicycling are right for hiking.
    In general, bicycle tights fabric is right for strenuous exertion in hot weather, as well as, wind resistant.
    I like Pearl Izumi Tokyo Tights.
    I feel much more protected from Lyme ticks.

  9. Connie, that’s a good point. I’m not a tights guy myself, but I do prefer closer-fitting clothes in general while hiking. Of course, my pal Moss hiked the AT in bright purple spandex pants and she drew quite a few gawkers. 🙂

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