5 comments on “Grafton Loop Trail 5/20-22

  1. No matter the weather, you got out. There’s no end to the challenges of something that appears as so simple: just walking outside with your world on your back. Love reading your stuff.

  2. Your description of that area brings back some time I spent up there in’08, but we did not have as much rain. Such vivid imagery and feelings you described! I will anticipate your return in better conditions, you will be SO blessed out!

  3. Tom, you understand it like few others do! Thanks for the comment and well wishes. The weather is better now, as it will do, although it’s still not easy, of course. 80s and humid!

    Mame, thanks for the comment! I do hope to get back there sooner or later, but no hurry. I think Fall would be a good time to be on that trail. Or any time really. It’s a trail that should be hiked over and over again.

  4. Hey Ryan,
    Just stumbled across this account (it popped up towards the top in Google, of all things). Eric and I went out last week and did the Sunday River White Cap section of the GLT, which was beautiful. While it’s only in the low 3000s, SRWC had amazing views and a really nice “alpine feel” to it. Aside from the abundance of moose poop (which, coupled with the sounds of them clomping around at night, made us feel like we were going down the Moose Highway) the trail was in great condition and well-kept. I’d definitely suggest checking it out at some point, once you’re back from VT. The tent sites were well built as well. It’s crazy to think how deserted it is when it’s such a great gem. Go figure!

    All the best,
    Ashley (Cait’s friend)

  5. Hey Ashely. You’re right about the west side of that trail being a gem. Especially nice in early October when the fall foliage is in prime condition. If I find the time, I should get out there this fall. Unfortunately that might be a big if, but there’s always next summer.

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