3 comments on “There Are No Trash Cans in the Wilderness

  1. This rant should be framed and nailed to the wall of every A.T. shelter, at least where I hike in Virginia. A recent backpacking trip with a Boy Scout Troop uncovered T.P. everywhere in the woods near our campsite, making it that much harder to teach the boys that they should not be doing the same in an area that already looked like a garbage dump. Nasty!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Of course, I should be going about this in a less antagonistic way, since that’s the way that supposedly works better. I’m just fed up with trash.

  3. Yeah, these things drive me nuts too. The hike up Mauna Loa was a dotted line of discarded tissue – you could almost just follow that rather than the cairns 🙁

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