6 comments on “Another Kind of Hiking

  1. The last time I picked up a hiker coming out of the wilderness trying to get into town, the fella wanted to discuss psychotropic mushrooms and banana harvesting in S. America with a machete. It was an interesting hour long drive to say the least.

  2. There you go. That sounds a lot more interesting than most of my drives 🙂

    Maybe sometime I should come up with a list of all the interesting characters I met on my various hitchhikes and from when I pick up hitchers. There certainly have been plenty.

  3. I think picking up hitchhikers is different if you are a woman….much more risky. In the past I would often pick up hitchhikers… until the last time. The hitchhiker wouldn’t get out of the car unless I gave him money…I gave him whatever I had (which was just change) and vowed never to pickup a hitchhiker again.
    Sucker that I am, I frequently give food to corner panhandlers that look like they are in the middle of a long distance journey.

  4. There’s certainly a measure of risk involved in any human interaction, so yes– putting yourself in an enclosed space with a stranger carries risks. You say “in the past I would often pick up hitchhikers”. How many good or neutral experiences did you have before the bad one?

    On a related note, soon after I posted this, I heard a very interesting podcast from Freakonomics Radio about why hitchhiking has declined. Finding– more because of the wide availability of cars than because of any major scare stories. I thought that was neat. Definitely worth a listen.

    • That is a pretty gruesome and unfortunate event. But still, I wouldn’t let it dissuade me from picking up hitchhikers any more than the all too frequent school shootings these days would make me tell kids not to go to school anymore. Bad things happen frequently in this world, but good things happen a lot more often.

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