4 comments on “The North Woods Wilderness Loop

  1. Wow Ryan! You’ve obviously put some thought into this! Thanks for sharing your dreams with the rest of us. There’s plenty of food for thought here, regardless of whether the entire dream is lived out, or only selected portions of it.


  2. Thanks, John. I wish more of my ideas came to fruition. I had a plan that would make this one happen next fall, but it’s not realistic. Money and free time are always the biggest issues, but one practical difficulty with this for now is that I only have experience bushwhacking in the winter as far as New England. Summer/Fall is a different beast, for sure.

    If nothing else, the paddling section would be pretty rad!

  3. I hope so, too, Martin. Thanks. Katahdin is, as far as I’m concerned, the most fantastic mountain around. Of course, there are plenty that I haven’t been to and need to visit to be sure. Scotland sure looks interesting…

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