2 comments on “Caldera Cone UL Compact Alcohol Stove

  1. I was told that it would not work at altitude or in the cold, but that is wrong on both counts. I can’t answer for the Himalayas, but I have used mine in snow at 3000m in the Pyrenees and it worked just fine. It might have taken a few seconds longer, but not enough to worry about.
    The caldera cone and stove combination is a true modern design classic.

  2. Yeah, I definitely used mine in the Sierra Nevada in California (probably the highest I used it was around 10,000 feet, so not far from your 3000m), and down to just below freezing temperatures. It is a fantastic stove.

    I also just finished my Long Trail through-hike, cooking one meal a day for 17 or 18 days, and using less than 12 ounces of fuel. Pretty cool how efficient that is!

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