8 comments on “Glastenbury Mountain on Columbus Day

  1. Great write-up, Ryan. I’m glad someone got decent pictures as mine turned out pretty poor. I managed to salvage a few with Photoshop.

  2. Yeah, that was a good trip. Don’t forget to check out the photos in picasa by clicking the thumbnails at the top of the page. Lots of good stuff.

  3. Ryan . . . yet another very enjoyable report! I can’t quite nail down the exact reason, but for whatever reason, I was really taken with your photo of the hobblebush. It’s such a unique perspective.


  4. John, I wish I could do the foliage justice with my photos. It was really gorgeous out there last week. Lots of colors in the hobblebush and trees made the whole world brighten up.

  5. I usually overreact to people who think hiking is all about big views from tall mountains (cough coughwestcoasthikingsnobs cough). People often refer to the Appalachian Trail as a green tunnel. Nothing wrong with that, I say.

  6. If i would have known that was you we passed at the power lines, i would have arranged a ceremonial “high five” as we passed. Its funny, when you guys passed us, I looked at my wife and said “ha, I think that was Guthook”. Good seeing you briefly brotha and you are right, the pictures just don’t do that area justice. That walk along leading to the climb up Glastonbury was incredible. The colors were sweet! See ya on the trail- Chaco

    • I’m actually headed up there again tomorrow. Liked it so much I had to go back when it’s colder 🙂

      We’ll meet again on the trail someday!

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