3 comments on “Guthook’s Gear Guide: Headlamps

  1. I love the e+Lite. It’s made it through the wash with no damage. It’s the only light I carried for the half the AT I did, and I love night hiking. It is too dim for caving, night bushwhacking, or night hiking with others that have bright head lamps, but that doesn’t come up all that often.

    Glad you like it too. 🙂

  2. Aside from those odd batteries, I really love the e+Lite, too. Especially in summer when I tend to not use a headlamp at all, even in camp (I go to bed when it’s still somewhat light out sometimes). I just wish it had batteries that were less of a pain. I did buy two years worth of the batteries on Amazon when I got it, though. That stash is still going strong, even if they’re a little weak from time spent on the shelf.

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