5 comments on “Peakbagging, Through-Hiking, and Hiking Goals

  1. Ryan, not only are you a terrific hiker, but a gifted writer as well! As with your other Blog reports, this was a very interesting piece to read.

    You invited your readers to state their hiking goals. I’ll be brief with my comments and merely state that I don’t have any particular lists of peaks or places to visit. I simply like to roam wherever and whenever the mood strikes me. I can derive as much pleasure from doing trailwork as I can from climbing a 4K peak. Just being out in the woods is enough for me. Regardless of whether I’m walking the lowlands, or climbing a peak, or clearing blowdowns, it’s all enjoyable for me!


  2. I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now. I found it after doing research for a trip that i’ve wanted to do since I hiked a small portion of the pct when I took an Outward Bound course at
    17. I’m currently pushing 40, talk aboug long term goals! My son -now 17 himself- has struggled in school since 1st grade. He spent the majority of his 8th grade year suspended/expelled, and failing most of his classes. He’s come a long way since 8th grade.
    I have a book of nature photography, which includes an absolutely stunning picture of a lake reflecting the Siera Navadas. We’ve been taking him hiking/camping since he was an infant. When he saw that photo of the Sierras he instantly said “I want to go there.” I remembered that the PCT goes through the Sierras. So my husband and I made a deal with our boy; When he graduates in 2013, with at least a 3.0gpa, we’ll do a through-hike of the PCT. And you know what? My boy has not even been in ISS (In School Suspension.) He’s bringing home A’s and B’s and has been maintaining a 3.0-3.3gpa. My mom, who lives in RI, has caught the bug too. When she retires (at 70!) is going to hike the AT, I will be going with her.
    I’m so proud of my son I want to shout it from the roof tops!

    Thank you, I.ve learned a lot from your blog and others like it. Keep writing.

  3. John, thanks again. I’m really glad you enjoy reading what I put up here. As for the way you hike, it seems to work quite well. I usually need some sort of goal to motivate me, but judging by your blog, you find some great places and hike with style.

    Ruby- that’s fantastic. The whole family through-hiking together? I hope you manage to keep a blog or some kind of trail journal when you hit the trail, because it will undoubtedly be an adventure worth reading about. Sounds like your son is pretty goal-motivated like me, if the enticement of the PCT is enough to spur him to good grades. Happy trails!

  4. I’m thinking every day about what it will be like in April of 2013 on that Mexican border, this time in New Mexico. Goal? To Embrace the Brutality !

  5. Tom, I’m feeling the possibility of the CDT more and more. I just hope I can make it happen.

    Here’s a related goal, though: if I can hike just over 1000 miles in the summer of 2012 (which might happen), and then do the entire CDT with you in 2013, I will have backpacked over 10,000 miles that I can document by the end of my 30th year. How crazy would that be?

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