4 comments on “Snowy Stratton, 10/29/11

  1. Another enjoyable report, Ryan! Your photos are always great, and you include just enough to supplement your narrative. And speaking of your narrative, I can relate to your statement in this recent report about getting “all giddy” about your trail-work accomplishments. As a trail adopter here in the Whites, there is indeed a sense of “giddiness” by knowing that the work being done will benefit many hikers for years to come.


  2. Absolutely, John 🙂 Someday I need to adopt a section of trail, but for now I can just say that I’m the proud daddy of that little half-mile of trail. I will have to go out there with a shovel and clear out some of the drainages I made so long ago, but everything still seems to be holding up well. That was my first and most extensive experience with trail maintenance, and so soon after my AT through-hike… it’s a great feeling to really give back to the trail.

  3. That is cool seeing the stones you installed. Two times now I have gone out on trail maintenance days organized by an outdoor store here at one of our local state parks. I get a kick out of the camaraderie and knowing others will benefit from the brush I chopped or trail signposts we installed.

  4. It is pretty awesome to know that something you’re doing benefits others for generations to come, isn’t it? Actually, the only disappointing part is that almost nobody will know that YOU (or me, or whoever) did that work. Sometimes I want to put a little mark on my rocks that says “Guthook did this in 2008!” Then again, the anonymity of it is kind of cool, too. When you walk a section of trail, it might be a year old, or it might be a hundred years old, but it all seems like it’s always been there.

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