5 comments on “Adventures in Daylight Savings: Osceola 11/6/11

  1. Ryan . . . thanks for another very entertaining report! And man, I soooo agree with you, i.e. I think it’s beyond silly to futz around with changing the clocks TWICE each year. It’s almost enough to make one move to a State like AZ where they don’t do this nonsense! 🙂


  2. I hear Indiana also doesn’t do daylight savings. Although AZ has more mountains.

    Either way, the conditions on sunday pretty much made up for the inconvenience of changing the clocks.

  3. I love that cliff on Osceola. You can sit with your back next to the big southern facing slab, out of the wind, and soak up the heat in cooler weather. Got to get back up there. There’s a western summit I need to bag that’s a bushwhack.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    It’s definitely one of the finer views in the Whites, as you’ve mentioned. I really like that hidden view point to the north. It looks like you had some really good visibility. The ice on the slabby trail definitely looks like it posed a challenge.

    Great pictures and report!


  5. You’re right, Karl. I never would have noticed that viewpoint to the north if not for a couple of ladies that got to the summit around the same time as us. It really rounds out the view quite nicely.

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