9 comments on “Five Stupid Things I’ve Done While Hiking

  1. Great post! Charging a bear takes some courage, it looks like it really was more scared of you then you were of it! I have also done some stupid things on the trail and certainly learned from those experiences.

  2. Too true, Green Giant. These were just the first five that popped into mind that seemed like good stories. There are countless more instances, of course.

    Grant, I’m sure you’re aware of the phrase: “there’s a fine line between courage and stupidity”, right? 🙂

  3. Amen to that, Grant 🙂 I think at the time I felt like a huge badass, but with a year or so of hindsight I’m leaning more toward the stupidity.

  4. Those are really classics Ryan. I had a milkshake experience like that once too, right before a Presidential Traverse attempt. I’d convinced myself to eat a liquid breakfast featuring protein powder in order to calorie load before the hike. Bad idea. I made it to Madison hut but experienced projectile barfing and pooping all the way up and had to turn back. Dumb, dumb. But kind of funny on hindsight. Now I mostly stick to peanuts.

  5. Phil, I won’t take your invitation to one-up you with a story 😉 I’m sure that story lives with infamy in your memory, as well as those who were with you.

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