6 comments on “Granite Gear Airsack Packaging

  1. Yeah. Seriously, I’ve used the zipper pouch a lot more than I’ve used the stuff sack itself. I wish I had an excuse to get more stuff sacks so I could have more of the zipper pouches, but stuff sacks are the one piece of hiking equipment I have way too many of. Funny how that works.

  2. Oh, I’d forgotten about those tiny plastic containers. Those were pretty awesome, too. I almost wish they sold both of those things separately, but that would just be too tempting.

  3. I too have used these for my kit. I keep my toiletries in them as well. And I cut off the second layer of fabric that was the product info. Great minds think alike! I have yet to try it as a shoulder strap pouch, I will do that next. Thanks for the blog. > Cody > Minnesota

    • Nice! You know, every time I see those stuff sacks in a store, I have to hold myself back from buying more of them. I almost wish they’d sell just the zipper bags that they come in– I can’t justify buying more stuff sacks, since I have so many. I guess I’ll have to wait until I wear a few of mine out. And you’re very welcome for the blog 😉

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