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  1. Ryan, I’ve said it before, and this probably won’t be the last time I say it . . . you have some of the most unique Blog postings, and that is meant as a compliment! I enjoy each of them, and always come away with some bit of info that is useful.


  2. Thanks, John! I probably won’t be testing out too many more iPhone apps for review here (maybe a few), but it was fun to use this one. I wasn’t expecting too many comments on this post, though 🙂

  3. Hey – glad I’m read this. I travel to MA periodically, and have hiked in a few of the state parks there when I’ve gone. I’ve printed out maps from the MA DCR website before (sometimes they are available at the park, but not always). This will be really useful when I travel to different areas in MA to see which parks are near where I’m staying. The DCR website doesn’t help with that (I’ve been looking up the cities the parks are in with mapquest to try to figure out where they are).

  4. Isn’t it great what these little pocket computers can do? The best thing to me is just that I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to use those DCR maps in this way if not for the app. Hopefully in the future I’ll find some more apps that I can try out and review.

  5. I use EveryTrail all the time. When we think we may have missed a turn on a hike, we compare our location on it, to our location on our map.

  6. I think that’s pretty much the ideal use for iPhones in hiking. You can’t use them like a car gps to give you step by step instructions, since the battery life is very limited, but they’re great for checking your location when you’re uncertain. Luckily, most hiking trail systems are nowhere near as complex as a lot of road systems.

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