5 comments on “Slushing up Chocorua, 11/25/11

  1. Hey Ryan . . . just a couple of quick comments. First of all, great photos! And speaking of photos, yup I totally agree with your caption for your first photo, i.e. “It’s always nice to see exactly where you’re going from the start of the hike.” And finally, you indicated that you might take the Carter Ledge Trail the next time around. That’s a fun trail. I think you’d enjoy it.


  2. Glad you think so, John. The open ledges on that other trail look like a blast. I’m really looking forward to winter… I want big snow and lots of weekends for snowshoeing.

    Linda, I’m glad you like the photos. My feet are happy they aren’t out there anymore, but it was certainly worth it for the views 🙂

  3. Ryan, this peak is one of the most dramatic sub 4000 ft peaks that I have ever climbed. Nice photos and nice trip report. I guess that explains why it is so popular

  4. It is indeed, Grant. Not only is the top dramatically open, but it’s a very distinctive looking mountain. Seeing it from any of the 4000-footers around it, it looks so tiny, but so vicious!

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