3 comments on “Winter on the Appalachian Trail

  1. Do you have any info on ice climbing and winter camping in Gulf Hagas? I imagine there are not the same regulations as Katahdin which we did last year. I’m planning a trip for this February and have found limited information on conditions, ice routes, and trip reports for Gulf Hagas. Any suggestions or other sources you could point me to? Thanks.

  2. Mike, good question. I know nothing of ice climbing around there, but I bet the people to check with would be the outdoors store in Greenville, ME (Northwoods Outfitters). As for camping, as long as you do LNT I think you’d be okay camping a few hundred yards away from the trail. Technically, I think there’s no camping allowed within a certain distance of Gulf Hagas, but if done right, camping in winter is pretty perfect Leave No Trace.

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