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    • Nah, it’s actually FedEx’s original NeoAir. I’m testing his before I decide if I want to buy one of the new NeoAir Xlite pads. I paired it with a simple foam pad, and it worked pretty well!

  1. I’m always interested in how folks like yourself stay warm, dry and lightweight in this kind of weather. Could you list your main gear items and clothing. Also, did you have something to inflate your NeoAir or did you use your mouth? Thanks. Nice pics.

    • Hey Green Giant! I’ve been meaning to make a winter gear list and post it up here, but I’m lazy and slacking off. I’ll get to it sometime this winter, I hope. Here’s the quick run-down, though. I inflated the NeoAir by mouth, but I want to get an Instaflator for it for longer trips (only $4 or so, so it’s easy to justify). My hiking layers were exactly as I described in the post a few days ago on winter layering– base layer, outer soft shell or wind shirt, and hand & head layers, including a balaclava to keep my nose warm. Down puffy jacket for in camp and at breaks. 40 Below Overboots for the feet (wicked warm!), and vapor barriers beneath the socks.

      The biggest change from normal UL gear for winter was switching from an alcohol stove to a Whisperlite. For me, there’s just no substitute for winter stoves. White gas stoves pump out heat like there’s no tomorrow, and that was key to this trip.

    • I’ll need to look into the 40 Below Overboots. The Wisperlite is a great option. I’ve been looking at the International version myself because it offers such variety of fuel options. Thanks for your response. Keep up the good blog.

    • No problem, JGG! 40 Belows are pretty awesome, and Joel (the owner of the business) is a fantastic guy to do business with. The whisperlite is THE classic backpacking stove. I think mine is International, but I’ve only ever used white gas in it. I hadn’t used mine for six years before this trip, and it still lit up on the first try 🙂 And in the past, I’ve used the whisperlites down to -34.

    • JGG: My weight for the trip, which I did not have a stove/fuel or shelter, came to 28.64lbs minus food and water. Here’s my list:
      Black Diamond – Mercury Mittens
      Black Diamond – Spot Headlamp 2010
      Brunton – Striker
      Darn Tough – Wool Socks Thick
      Eyes – Contact solution
      Eyes – Glasses
      Eyes – Glasses case
      Firsct Ascent – Hangfire Hoodie
      General – Waterproof bag liner
      Generic – Athletic Tape
      Generic – Ear plugs
      Generic – Lighter
      Generic – Monocular in case
      Generic – Reflectix Sit Pad
      Generic – Stainless Steel Double-wall
      GoLite – Featherlite 20 Regular
      GoLite – Ultralite 3 Quilt
      Golite – Pinnacle
      Gossamer Gear – Belt Pouch
      Icebreaker – GT200 Leggings
      Icebreaker – GT200 Spring Boxer Briefs
      Icebreaker – GT260 LS
      Integral Designs – eVent Shortie Gaiters
      MSR – Lightning Ascent 25″
      MSR – PackTowl Nano Medium
      Medkit Small
      Mountain Hardwear – Corvus Dome Beanie Hat
      Mountain Hardwear – Epic Pant
      Mountain Hardwear – Matterhorn Pant, M (dry)
      Nalgene – Soft Cantene 48oz
      REI – Down Booties
      SOG – Field Pup I Knife
      Sea to Summit – Alpha Lite Spoon Long
      Suunto – MCB-B Amphibian Compass and Whistle
      Therm-a-rest – Compressible Pillow, Medium
      Therm-a-rest – Prolite 3 Small
      Therm-a-rest – Z-Lite Small
      Timex – Watch
      Triple Star – Down Jacket w/ Hood
      Vasque – Boots
      Visine – Small
      Water – 1L

      I’ve recently made some purchase upgrades, including a lighter down pillow and a NeoAir Regular. I slept very comfy (actually, too warm at times), and shared my quilt with the dog for the second night.

      Ryan’s Whisperlite was awesome, I definitely need to look into getting one.

    • Oh man, I’m such a slacker. I’ve been super busy, so still no gear list. I will get one out there eventually, but in the meantime, thanks for that Steve.

  2. Awesome report and pictures! Just went out to the White Mountains for the first (real) winter hike of the season and it was frigid! I’ll have to put Glastenbury Mountain on my list.

    • Thanks Joe! I was in the Whites the day after this trip, and the difference is really interesting. We’re really lucky to have the Greens and the Whites so close to each other for different types of hiking, regardless of the season. Glastenbury is definitely a good hike to put on a New England hiker’s to-do list.

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