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    • Okay, I guess I shouldn’t let everyone speculate 🙂 $340 from start to finish. That actually eats pretty much my entire gear budget for the year, unless I manage to sell a few odds and ends here and there. Quite a bit more expensive than I’d originally intended for a parka, but I still like it.

    • Thanks. $340 is very fair price for the quality and service you report. I ride motorcycles and have paid thousands in gear that will save my tail. There’s no difference between preventing freezing yer butt off and stopping a nasty asphalt tattoo. Either can ruin a nice day. 😀

    • Absolutely true. I just wish it would get cold enough for me to test this thing out… I guess that’s not the way to think about motorcycle safety gear, though 🙂

      I should be careful what I wish for, too. There will be plenty of opportunities to test my nice, new, warm jacket.

  1. That is a toasty looking jacket, compared to my MB Alpine light which weighs 12.0 ounces with 4oz of 800fill, this jacket has 3.1oz more down and 100fp more per ounce which basically doubles the total volume 6390 vs 3200 for only .4oz more total jacket weight and it has a hood to boot!

    That is ridiculous and doesn’t seem fair! haha

    Are there inner bottle pockets?

    • Yeah. I owned a Montbell Alpine Light (jacket, not hooded) before this and it just wasn’t as warm as I wanted. Great jacket, but not what I needed.

      As for this one, no inner bottle pockets. I debated asking about them, but I figured with the lighter material I wouldn’t want to risk putting extra strain on the fabric in the form of two water bottles. My windshirt that I wear beneath the parka has pockets that will fit water bottles, so I’ll try those out for now.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Let me send some jealousy your way. The price you mentioned was pretty much what he quoted me too and really the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger. That’s a lot of dough, but granted, for a great product.

    • Yeah. Especially since your last post about no jackets out there fitting your size, it seems custom would be a good option for you. I agree it’s a big chunk of change. I had a certain amount budgeted out for hiking equipment for the year, and this was just about all of it. As long as I can get some good use out of this thing, though, I agree it’s worth it.

  3. Custom gear! Sweeeet! The jacket will probably last you a lifetime so it will be well worth the cost, congrats. I have a custom made hat from wapiti woollies and I thought that was cool but a custom down jacket is awesome!

    • It would be so cool to have all custom gear… I probably won’t get much more custom stuff anytime soon, but I like to at least get stuff from small companies like Mountain Laurel Designs and Gossamer Gear when I can. It’s pretty cool to be able to put a face and name with the gear you own and say, “this guy made this really awesome thing.”

    • I’m still using it, but I baby it very carefully. Given the choice again, I would go for a cheaper jacket that I’m less afraid of damaging. Commercially made jackets tend to have a better fit, cost less, and have more durability than what I’ve found out of this jacket. Ben makes great stuff, but so do other manufacturers.

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