4 comments on “Marmot DriClime Ether Wind Shirt

  1. Ryan,
    I just got my Marmot Ether Driclime jacket (on sale)and used it on 2 brisk hikes this weekend. It worked very nicely. The jacket, that is, but NOT the hood.
    I bought it because I like my original Driclime jacket so much and I use it so often for after work casual evening walks that I thought I’d get another jacket for hard hiking and backpacking. Also, again for backpacking, the Ether is 2/3 the weight of the Original, in case I need to carry it.
    I should note that my wife sewed velcro on the hoodless Original so it matched the velcro on a separate Gore Bike Wear hood, and that gave me a hood with the Original.
    The hood on the Ether was a disappointment, however. It has no adjustments, fits loosely so that the wind gets under it and, when I turn my head, my face is staring right into the side of the hood! Not nice. This is a crude hood.
    I am wondering if your hood fits so well because, as you say, ‘the hood fits snugly around my head, even with a balaclava and hat on underneath’. Yes, of course, but what about when you DON’T have a balaclava and hat underneath?!
    My wife will be cutting off the Ether hood and sewing a few more velcro patches so my Gore Bike Wear hood will fit this jacket.
    Marty Cooperman
    Cleveland, Ohio

    • You bring up a good point, Marty. The lack of adjustments on the hood is actually something I like about it, but that’s definitely because it fits my head very nicely. My hat and balaclava don’t add much bulk to my head– if you look in the top picture here, the hood fits pretty snug around my head. No problems with it being loose or oversized.

      But that lack of adjustments would be a nightmare if the hood doesn’t fit you just right. Apparently my torso and head match the sizes that Marmot uses for their design, and I just got lucky on that count. Some folks have it worse than others, and usually I have trouble finding jackets that fit closely like this.

  2. To aid me in ordering one I’m ust wondering about your measurements as you say small fits you well. What is your height, weight and chest measurements? Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Michael. I had to go and re-measure my chest since it’s been a while, but here are my measurements for that– height 5’8″, weight 140, chest 35″, waist 30″. Also, if it helps to compare to anything else, it compares very similarly to Montbell’s size Small puffy jackets.

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