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  1. It’s been ages since I climbed the Whites, but it brings back a lot of memories from when I lived in Boston. The Whites in winter, though harsh, is a great part of their beauty and uniqueness, don’t you think?

    I’m very curious what the make of the Asian woman’s softshell is…

    • The Whites in winter are wonderful for many reasons. One of my favorite things about hiking in winter is that there are fewer people out there, and it just feels more wild. There were plenty of people on the trails the other day, but it still felt pretty great. And less haze makes the views that much better. I agree– Winter in the Whites is beautiful.

      Yvonne’s jacket is a REI Ladro, of which I am very jealous. The men’s version is the Rauk, but it doesn’t fit nearly as well as hers does 🙂

    • Thanks Ryan, for the information. I took a look at the REI Rauk, and you’re right, the women’s version certainly looks a lot nicer. Instead I went and bought myself a MontBell Nomad Hoodie, which I really like. Just in time, too. Winter has hit big time in Japan this last week; snow everywhere, and very deep. Can’t wait to get out there!

    • Not bad, Butuki. Montbell is a great company, especially for small people like me. I have trouble finding just the right size in a lot of jackets since most American sizing stops at sizes that are a little too big for me. Yvonne had me try on various sizes of Ladro, but the REI we found them at didn’t have the right size for me, either. That’s okay, though, since I felt a little silly trying on womens’ clothing. hehe.

  2. Excellent report about an excellent hike!

    The views from the Kinsmans are awesome, as your excellent photos show. The approach route you used via Lonesome Lake is my favorite, but the approach from the west (via Mt Kinsman Trail) also makes for a terrific hike!


    • I hope to become much more familiar with all the routes on the Kinsmans in the near future, John, since I am much closer to that range now than I have been in the past. The mountains and the weather make it hard NOT to take good pictures 😉

  3. I hiked through there on my SOBO portion of the AT hike last year. Thanks for some killer perspective on what to expect in the winter. I went back to TX after the hike… and being from FL, I prepare for the cold, more so than others.

    Hike, Bike, Dale!

    • Really makes you wonder about the people who try to push the time frame of the AT into winter. Some people leave SOBO in October, but going over the Whites in November doesn’t look too different from these pics 🙂

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