4 comments on “Where Do You Fit In?

  1. I hear ya. You guys were pretty cool when we met in 07. You bring up a good point about being on a long distance hike. I feel like going back out every year or 2 or when you can swing it is important to not loose the perspective on the mentality on the trail. Good story

  2. Yeah, you’re right Chaco. I kind of rarely identified with the through-hiker crowd in general, though. I guess it’s because through-hikers are far from a homogeneous crowd. I like my little crowd, but I’m more into small groups of people when I’m not hiking alone.

  3. Interesting post, I never really throught about who I identify with.. now that I thought about it I never identified with hardcore peak baggers, trail runners, paddlers or cyclists yet those are the things I do. My crowd has always been anyone who wants to get out there and try new things outdoors.

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