6 comments on “Winter 2012 Blog Preview

  1. Oh yeah. Forgot about that… And hopefully a backpacking trip in the Smokies with Kentucky Blue and Cough Drop! (although I’m having trouble figuring out how I’d swing that one. I guess I just need to become magically wealthy)

  2. Nice stuff. I’m headed to the Whites next week for some snowshoe/dayhike/huthike action. Enjoy the B&B! There are far worse things that you could spend your money on. Like insurance. And heating oil. Don’t listen to me.

  3. Ryan . . . YES! Your photo of Unknown Pond typifies what I’m hoping for as well. It had better hurry. Tick-tock . . . there are only about 72 days until the Spring Season begins!


  4. Hey John, when you put it that way it makes me really wish this winter would hurry up and start! I have to admit, it’s been over a month since I’ve set foot on trail, and I’ve got all this winter gear that is making me feel so guilty for owning it and not getting any use out of it. I’m wishing for a two or three foot blizzard sometime in the next week… it would make driving a pain, but as long as it sticks in the mountains I’d be happy.

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