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  1. Any day in Crawford Notch is a good day in my estimation. Plowing through a spruce forest in rotten snow aside, it’s about the journey – not the destination. Something more closely resembling winter would be nice though…

    • Absolutely Mark. Not making it to your destination is a good reminder of how much fun the hike is, rather than just getting a good view. I did get something more closely resembling winter this past weekend… trip report coming in a few days. But yes. I would like some real snow soon!

  2. I laughed out loud just reading the title. Yep: Annual Failure Hike. Glad I’m not the only one who has those.
    Looks like you still had fun though–nice pictures.

  3. Postponed a trip planned for today for tomorrow to avoid the rain. You need to go high this winter to have any winter at all. Wish we had more snow. Two big bushwhacks coming up next week, back to back. I like the slower pace to be honest, and the fight to get to the peak is even tougher. Seems like bushwhacking is a good way to practice “not getting to your planned destination.” A good lesson for us all.

    • Why do we have to avoid rain this winter? We should be avoiding blizzards! But I love the sentiment there– this trip really put me in my place. After getting to so many summits through just brute force and pushing through fatigue on the way to the top, not making it to my destination on this hike felt kind of good in a way. I hope I’ll make it some other time and feel that much more of a reward due to having failed before.

  4. Ryan,

    Love your Blog reports . . . most all are very unique . . . not the humdrum of “same-old, same-old”!

    Your photos were a perfect compliment this particular adventure. And speaking of adventures, if you love the outdoors (as you and I both do), then it truly doesn’t matter if you reach a particular destination since the real goal is just to “be out there” enjoying the time spent in the forest!


    • Indeed, John! Sometimes I enjoy hikes without views even more than those with. Sometimes you find something even nicer than you were expecting.

      Of course, from your reports over the past few months, I could probably learn a few things about off-trail navigation from you 😉

  5. While I know that I have never lived in this type of cold… I know that I might like to try it. After the 3/4 AT hike last year… I fondly remember the Whites being pretty much the last thing I hiked before heading back home. Now in Texas… and there is not much snow hiking. I am jealous. Even if your hike was a little off track.

    • I hope to have lots more to report this winter to make you jealous of our winters 🙂 Glad you like it, and if you ever feel the need to freeze your butt off for a good view, I’d be happy to recommend a few places to visit!

  6. Hilarious. My buddy and I tried a bushwhack a few years back. Tough going 2 miles and then expecting to be close to your destination, but instead you find that you are on the wrong mountain. I feel your pain.

    • Heh. Yep, it’s good to keep a sense of humor about these things. The feeling of “ooooh crap” when you finally realize you’re off course is best taken with a big dose of laughter.

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