8 comments on “White Mountains Weekend Getaway Part 1

    • Not only does it look open, but it looks mighty fun, too, just judging by the topo. You could walk around to Duck Pond, and throw in a whack to Lowell as well. Mount Lowell has some terrific slides on the Carrigain Notch side, and there must be some good views from there.

    • Well Yvonne was mighty happy about this, too, since she just got a brand new pair of Tubbs Flex Alp snowshoes in November and hadn’t been able to use them until this past week. Of course, we only had the snowshoes on for a few miles… the second half of this trip report is from the following day, and we carried the snowshoes the entire way 🙂

      But yeah, we need some more winter here. I’m glad you got out to do some ice climbing on Monadnock, though 🙂

  1. What a great way to start the weekend! Looking forward to the Carrigain edition. Even more looking forward to getting up there tomorrow and next weekend and finally getting our snowshoes out of mothballs!

  2. Truly excellent report! Nancy/Norcross Ponds are one of my favorite winter hikes. It’s a fun time to hike there when you can get out on the ice.


    • I’ll have to see them in summer sometime to see what they look like during the rest of the year, but I can’t imagine why they’re not more popular than they are as hiking destinations.

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