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    • My folks’ place in Belfast, a few weeks… I’ll let you know, Tom! Glad you had such a rockin time in Jackman. I’m a little jealous, but there will be plenty of stories to trade when I see you next.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Just thought I’d chime in with a few thoughts about your last paragraph. Until very recently, I used to fret about doing more to promote my Blog, but lately I’ve taken a more laid-back attitude. For sure, I’m not quite “there” yet, but am finding it much more fulfilling to just write about what I want to write about, and only when I want to write it. However, I do agree that it’s important to keep one’s Blog somewhat “fresh” with new material, otherwise folks simply lose interest. I suppose one could take this to the extreme and not even fret about keeping one’s Blog “fresh”. But if that attitude is adopted, then I suppose one could rightfully say, why even bother to Blog at all!

      Didn’t intend to ramble on like this! Regardless, I always enjoy reading your Blogs. You do a terrific job!


    • I think that’s the way to go, John. Although, as I said, I like to keep in practice just by holding myself to at least one post a week. Often that naturally turns into two or three. I can’t quite keep up with Sectionhiker, which was my original inspiration for this blog, but then again Phil has turned that into a full-time job and it shows– in the quality and quantity of his work. Now if only I could stop looking at that pageviews counter in the main screen of blogger… trying to find trends in that is too addictive!

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