19 comments on “Above The Clouds: Liberty and Flume 3/15/12

  1. Awesome Ryan! The end of last week had some of the best undercast days that could be imagined and you obviously found the perfect day and perfect place. The images are stunning! Obviously the kind of day that makes you glad you pushed through the grumbling at the beginning. Congrats on getting two closer to finishing the list. Which peaks are left? Enjoy the soon-to-be-arriving Spring!


    • Thanks, Mark. The last two 4000 footers are Eisenhower and Monroe (silly Appalachian Trail skipping the peaks…). It was definitely one of those days when I ended up taking about a dozen pictures of the same thing and then found none of them to be quite as spectacular as the real thing. I hope I see something like this again someday.

  2. very very very cool! I have been hearing undercast all over the place these days, your pics showed me what it means! I bet you are glad you pushed through those crappy conditions to get rewarded with views like that! I had no idea you were so close to your 48, congrats on being so close!

    • I had forgotten the term until I saw someone else’s trip report from the same day. I’m glad other people were out there so I knew what to call it πŸ˜‰

      The 48 for me has been mostly hitting peaks on my way to other goals, so it’s not the main goal in my mind. I just really like filling in the checklist, though. Technically, my checklist is the NE Hundred Highest, but I’m definitely not in a hurry with that one.

  3. OMG Ryan! What an awesome hike!

    It’s simply beyond ‘nice’ to happen upon the undercast conditions such as you experienced. It’s something that you can never plan with any precision. So, when it happens, it is always such a lovely surprise!

    Your photos are spectacular!


    • Right on, John. I always say a partly cloudy day is more scenic on a mountain than a clear day, because the clouds really make a view more unique to the day. I’m glad you like the pics πŸ™‚

  4. I have to agree with every one here, those picks are freaking sweet! And I have to agree with the Yvonne, jumping pictures are awesome.

    • I mean I almost always read to the end of the post, but this time I just stopped about halfway and looked at the killer pictures.

    • Don’t encourage her! πŸ™‚

      Actually, I really like that particular picture, too. Not just because I took it, though.

      In general, I think the best way to get scenery like this is usually to be on the mountains at sunset or sunrise. I’m going to try for as much of that this summer as I can. Good times.

  5. Ryan, that are some swell photos – a perfect day out! I’d too make jumps on mountain tops if I’d experience such a day!

    btw: I’m a sad monkey because you don’t have Disqus as a commenting system. The Google Capatch only can be read by robots, and my robotic is rather poor ^_^

    • Hey Hendrik! Glad you like the photos.

      Also, thanks for reminding me– I had been planning on upgrading the comments system on here for a while, but I got distracted. I want to make sure I can import all the old comments into the new system whenever I do switch, though. I need to do some more research when I find the time.


    • Well, as you don’t have the annoying Captcha all is good =) However, with Disqus I’d get a Email about your replies, and could easier share a post on Twitter, Facebook et al!

    • Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the Captcha. No spam comments yet, despite that.

      I looked at Disqus and it seems like a simple enough change. Maybe I’ll get around to that before I leave for the summer.

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