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  1. I’m not posting here for the prize but just for the thanks – my trail diet has a major bar component and since thru-ing the PCT my diet is now plant-based (nice to know I’ll never get diabetes, a stroke, heart disease, a misdiagnosis in emergency for any of the above…). It looks like I had better revisit Lara (she’s over here in Canaja too).

    Oh, my next major adventure: tentatively a 2013 CDT NOBO thru (80% probability ). I am already shaving the ounces out of my gear list. Looks like Lara is coming with me. See you there Guthook? Thanks for sharing the adventures and the super photos…

    For the readers here – Guthook is a master of lightweight hiking fun.

    zee Burglar.

    • Yessss, Pat Burglar! Lots of bars makes for easier eating on the trail indeed. CDT 2013… I’d like to, but unless I win the lottery (which means I’d have to start playing, too), I don’t know how it’s going to happen. We’ll see. Thanks for the good words, though.

  2. Well I’m not as noble as Pat, I’m starting the PCT in just a few weeks and would love some larabars. I first found out about them when I was leading some youth backpacking trips and kept having kids with peanut allergies. Larabars were our go to snack. It was all about the cherry pie and apple pie. Since then I’ve been in love with them, but sadly my wallet has other ideas. Especially hard with all the new flavors, coconut cream pie is pretty amazing…

    • Good luck on the PCT, Maya! You will certainly be in very good company– several of my friends are going to be out there, and it sounds like it’s going to be a heck of a time. And I can definitely sympathize with the wallet issues. The life of a hiker… 😉

      I’ll post the winner this evening (so far, one other contestant on the facebook page).

  3. Big fan of Larabars as well… and as you said, can’t beat the simplicity of the ingredient list! My wife and I, Sarah, are also embarking upon a PCT thru in a few short weeks. Daunted by the prospect with lots of to-dos remaining, but plugging away as we will soon be doing by putting one foot in front of the other. Maya — maybe we will see you on the trail?! Good eatin’ to the Larabar King or Queen.

  4. Oh, I posted this on the facebook page, but Maya was the winner of the Larabars… hopefully they arrive before she hits the trail 🙂

    Sounds like it’s going to be a good group of folks on the PCT this year. Chris, I know what you mean about the stresses of last minute planning and preparing, but it’s nice how things eventually just seem to take care of themselves. Good luck!

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