8 comments on “Kick the Old School: Bring the Flood

  1. Amen! I also wish people would stop believing that Gore-tex boots/shoes will keep their feet dry. I mean, have they ever hiked in a downpour with 1 foot of water on the trail?

    • Oh man. Waterproof footwear is another topic entirely. I just had soaked feet from an all day slush/snow hike in sneakers yesterday, and it was just fine 🙂

  2. Well put. If it rains expect to get wet, sounds simple enough. I found in the summer, when I am not carrying any extra clothing it is sometimes easier to take what I can off and hike basically in my boxer briefs. That is if it is down pouring for an extended period of time. If it is just a quick burst I would not bother and let the sun and body heat dry me out in no time. But after an all day rain putting on dry clothes is a treat. When ever I implemented this strategy a few things happened, I got some strange looks and I had to keep moving. But hey its raining so who wants to stand there in the rain, no views are to be had anyway. Granted this could only be implemented if the temps were high enough to warrant the technique. Not really sure what that temperature is, but if your mind screams this is a bad idea, then it probably is.

    • Clint, the thought of walking through the rain in my underwear is pretty amusing. I may have to give it a shot sometime 🙂

      Colder temperatures are indeed the killer there, but I seem to remember on my AT through-hike, the harder it rained and the colder it got, the faster I tended to hike. Hiking = heat.

    • Totally agree, the harder its raining or the colder it is, the faster I hike! haha.

      Yea the underwear hiking is just one step away from hike naked day which is one of the most amusing hiker activities of all. But it serves a purpose other than just reveling in revealing yourself to the world!

  3. Oh yeah. Hike Naked Day… sigh. No comment.

    It’s getting to be the rainy hiking season soon. I’ll have to try a few more experiments with my rain strategy. Luckily, there’s never a perfect way of doing things.

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