3 comments on “Back to Normal: Mt Sunapee 3/27/12

  1. Geeze, way to reveal my neurosis to the world, my friend! Ha. Next time I promise to be less frazzled.

  2. Ryan, as you so aptly put it, “It was a fine day on a mountain in New England.”
    And although I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments about there being more joy from a natural opening in the forest (versus a man-made opening), a trek to a mountaintop view is a always a wonderful experience, it’s just that some are more special than others!
    Another very enjoyable report, plus some very nice photos!

  3.  True, true. Any view I haven’t seen before is well worth seeing, regardless of structures at the top. But if I have an easy choice between the mountain with ski lifts, or an open ledge with nice views, you know which one I’d take. Sunapee has the very nice option of White Ledges, since they’re almost as high as the summit, and have a very nice view.

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