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  1. I suspect the Gossamer packs are picking up weight and features to fuel over-consumption and overpopulation.

    It’s all laid out, (National Geographic, March 2011, page 72) in the chart graphic of a 3 dimensional cube. One axis measures population, the other measures technology based on patents. The third axis measures affluence based on GDP. Affluence is a euphemism for over-consumption gently directed to the National Geographic readership. Notice how the vertical axis of affluence adds to the shocking exponential growth after 1950.

    Any child born after the mid ’80’s should not exist. That is the time our planet surpassed it’s population carrying capacity. 


    Peter Singer head of philosophy at Princeton did the fifth grade math in a 1999 NYT essay. By studying world statistics on overpopulation and over-consumption he found, if we’re getting and spending more than 30k per year we’re basically guilty of murder.


    So basically everything is going to crap in a hand basket just as Revelations predicts. The only thing not mentioned is the exponential speed part. Humans don’t intuitively grasp the exponential mean. So I believe all we can do is treat each other a lovingly as possible as we watch the whole world go to crap in a hand basket at exponential speed.

    You’re a nice guy and Gossamers owners but Glen Van Peski likely should have kept the company. They are nice people but here you are selling their stuff. Like mentioned above, many involved are likely born after the mid eighties or have children born after the mid-eighties. So we have to navigate around this junk that shouldn’t exist from people who shouldn’t exist. Sorry, I like you people, but it’s what I think. So instead, eek out a living and stick with the simple stuff.

  2. Here’s more on the exponential speed:


    Limits to Growth – Bacteria in a Bottle

    Retired physics professor Al Bartlett (to whom the GrowthBusters movie was dedicated), is world famous both for his Laws Related to Sustainability and his lecture about exponential growth.

    The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

    If you have one bacteria, and they grow by doubling, and 1 bacteria divides to become 2, then 2 divided to become 4, then 4 becomes 8, 16 and so on. Now that’s steady growth. Just ordinary growth!

    If they double in number every minute, say you have just 1 bacterium in a empty bottle starting at 11 in the morning. If you observe the bottle’s full at 12 noon, then you have a case of steady growth in a finite environment.

    At what time was the bottle half full? You’ll get answers like 11:30 am. No, this is steady growth. It doubles in number every minute. It’ll be half full at 1 minute before 12.

    Second question, if you were an average bacterium in that bottle, at what time would you first realize that you were running out of space? At 12 noon the bottle’s full. 1 minute before it’s half full. 2 minutes before it’s a quarter full. Then an eighth and a sixteenth.

    Let me ask you, at 5 minutes before twelve, and the bottle’s only 3% full and there’s 97% open space just yearning for development… how many of you would realize there was a problem?

  3. What does all this stuff about Revelations and murder have to do with the backpack? People have been making prophesies since language existed. Take a hike, enjoy your life, be reasonable, and give a little bit back. That’s all you can do.

  4. can you elaborate more on the magnetic closer. i’m baffled as to why they would choose something like that. Why not keep the drawstring and still have the flap that folds over for compression? Alternatively, GG could have made the closer like a dry bag and allowed the user to roll it down and then snap together. That too, would still allow the top flap to cover and would, imho, be lighter and more secure than the magnetic strip. 

  5.  That’s a good question. The magnets are extremely light, but I’m not sure how their weight compares to the old drawstring system. That’s something you’d have to ask Gossamer Gear. I can’t see a major benefit of the magnets over drawstring, but it doesn’t seem like it adds any significant weight, either.

  6. The guys at Gossamer Gear have informed me that the magnets idea may be replaced in the next version of their packs with a drawstring, although it will be a slightly different drawstring than the old GG packs, since the over-the-top lid system makes a normal drawstring work a little differently. Sounds like the design is ever evolving.

  7. What does over-consumption and overpopulation have to do with a bloated backpack is obvious. It’s fifth grade math not prophecy. What’s also obvious is how socially taboo it is to speak of the elephant in the room.

    Your reply focuses on hot button words like Revelations, murder and prophesy. This is what your doing:

    3. Similar words,
    5. Unverifiable

    The human mind or brain is not a truth-seeking engine, but a flawed formula-driven engine that relies on a few formal structures to decide truth based mostly on metaphor. The flaws often reveal themselves as red herrings.
    Cheat sheet to remember all the red herrings:
    1. Same form
    2. Some truth
    3. Similar words
    4. Unspoken
    5. Unverifiable

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