3 comments on “Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway, Yvonne (5/23-25/12)

  1. Great photos and thanks for sharing your story.    I’d like to make a S to N thruhike of the MSGT this year, maybe late summer or early fall.  Are there any towns close to the trail for resupply if I wanted to go light on food?  Also, are the bugs always that bad?   Prefer not to carry a tent but also don’t want to get eaten alive!  Happy trails, Dan

  2. You could definitely resupply in Washington.  You might be able to in Nelson, but there wasn’t much to the town from what I saw.  The trail would be beautiful in early fall.  The bugs aren’t supposed to always be this bad, but mosquitoes were around longer than normal last year (they had a late resurgence in late September/early October) and who knows that this summer will bring.  We used some sort of hippie bug repellant (blend of all natural oils) and it worked surprisingly well.  Good luck and enjoy, whatever you end up doing in terms of food and shelter.

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