2 comments on “Hong Kong Day 7: Lantau Trail

  1. When I think about Hong Kong, I don’t envision mountains. I certainly didn’t picture this. What a spectacular setting! The scenery is amazing and those stone paths and steps are works of art. What a different experience to be out in the open all the time rather than mostly in the trees like we are hiking in New England. I think the most amazing thing is that statue of Buddha. It looked immense already and then your comment about comparing it to the full grown trees made me realize how big it really is! Thanks for sharing this amazing day.


  2. Hey Ryan good to here you are getting some hiking in over there and the trip is going so well.

    I was looking for hikes in Camden Hills state park for some hiking this Friday, (a friend is visiting from Colorado and traveling through ME visitng all the state parks for three weeks.)

    And about the 4th hit down on my Google search turned up your blog about hiking the Camden’s. Your report let me know exactly what to expect, so thanks!

    Also I wanted to ask on behalf of my friend if you had three weeks in maine and were looking to hit up the top day hikes along the coast (or else where) what would you reccommend? Any leads would be most appreciated. I have already directed them to Acadia but that is a known spot, wondering if you know of any hidden gems.

    That bug is wicked weird!

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