4 comments on “Food on the Long Trail– A Recap

  1. Nice report! I always wonder what super hikers eat on their long distance hikes and this post gives me a view into that. I will definitely check Larabars out. I understand how it is possible to bring to many nuts; I do the same thing. Have you ever hear of Probars? I have been loving them and the 370 calories they provide.

  2. Yes! I was actually carrying Larabars and Pro Bars for this trip. I love that Probars are so high in calories, but I have trouble eating more than one in a day– Larabars tend to be sweeter, which makes it easier to pound them down 🙂

    Food for hiking is an ever-evolving problem for me, but it’s fun to test things out. It’s a lot cheaper than testing out new hiking gear, at least.

    Hey, specifically for your area, if you’re ever headed up 91 toward VT and NH, there’s a great place to get tasty hiking food in Brattleboro– Dottie’s, which is near the Co-op, and sells their leftovers and seconds. You can find some really great deals on great trail foods! Ever been there?

  3. I hope you still check this blog years later. What towns did you send your mail drops to? I am also sending two and having difficulty figuring out which are best.

    • I do check the blog, although I’ve been away from the computer for most of the summer, so here’s the belated response: I sent my mail drops to the Jonesville Post Office and the Inn At Long Trail. Jonesville is no longer directly on the trail, so I would probably send that mail drop to Richmond now– there’s a lot more town there, but it’s still a very small and friendly town. The Inn At Long Trail isn’t directly on the trail, but you can take a side trail directly to the Inn. If you want to go into town more, I definitely recommend the Green Mountain Hostel in Manchester Center.

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