4 comments on “Long Trail End-to-End part 2: Slippery When Wet

  1. Ya man.. VT shist is slippery stuff. I climb on shist at Rumney,nh all the time but when it is on the trail it gets polished really smooth. I don’t think i’ve ever fallen hiking before and I ate it hard twice on my trip.
    i put up my gear list and a brief day to day journal

  2. Ryan, this report is chockfull of wonderful narrative and
    photos. I’m being lazy by failing to be
    more specific. But rest assured that I got
    huge pleasure from reading your words and viewing your images. Job well done for both your trip and the report
    that you posted about it!


  3. I’ll have to look over this soon and see where we passed each other, Jake. I don’t know if I’ll bother to do a day-by-day journal just yet. I’m being lazy 🙂

    And yes… those rocks are crazy slippery. I haven’t been to Rumney before, but I didn’t realize it was also schist. I need to polish up my New England geology.

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