6 comments on “Mt Abraham, 8/8/12

  1. Ryan, first of all, it is beyond awesome that your Mom did
    this hike with you! Guess it’s pretty
    definite that hiking is in your gene-pool! 🙂

    Also, that is indeed amazing that Mt. Abraham has more
    above-treeline terrain than any Maine mountain outside of Baxter Park! Thanks for including that bit of info in your

    Your report and photos were delightful, as always!


  2. I plan to hike this soon. Please send me the GPS track? Where did you camp? General Lee camped on top last year, wedged into an old “rock cave”. I just may do a trip in Sept. from Route 4 to 27, and take in that side trail to Abraham.

  3. GPS track will be on its way to you soon… I actually haven’t taken it off of my GPS yet. I highly recommend the hike 🙂

    We actually camped on the logging roads heading up to Redington, so not on the Abraham hike. But there’s a lovely little campsite with a reasonably new privy about a mile and a half before the summit of Abraham on the Fire Warden’s trail. Good spot.

  4. Thanks, John. My mom’s pretty much a huge badass 😉

    As for the alpine zone, it certainly is pretty amazing. Being on that ridge and seeing just how far it goes… it’s a shame the mountain is so far off the Appalachian Trail, because it would be awfully nice to have that closer by. Oh well. It’s a fine destination on its own.

  5. Nice! I just finished going over my pictures from the trip. Should have something posted in a couple days. I was Googling around about Abraham and found that there is a “Southside Trail” that has a much rougher drive in than our Rapid Stream route. Looks pretty cool, but I couldn’t find anything that would close our loop.

  6. Hmm… we’ll have to explore some more. I could just walk back and forth along that ridge a few times and be happy with that.

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