6 comments on “Fall Weekend

  1. Heck yes man! I’m already having mountain withdraws post-trail. I plan on making it to Maine & New Hampshire as often as I can in my life to do a little walking.

    Stephen O.


  2. Drop me a line anytime you come up this way! If you need any assistance for rides to trailheads, I’ll see what I can do. And good luck with your planning for more through-hikes 😉

  3. Freakin awesome, I’m glad I found my way back to this site. Love the pics. Had to comment on this post, because it was really cool to see your pics of Mt Abe and Ellen. I was the summit caretaker for a 6 weeks in the fall of ’10 on Abe, so it’s sort of my old stomping ground, however briefly. Brings back memories, which I must live on, as I live in mountain-less south Florida. Keep em coming. -Moccasin

  4. Good to hear from you again! I never realized you had been a caretaker for the GMC. I hope you make it back up to the North some day. In the meantime, I guess you can find some good stuff in the mountain-less areas down there. Good luck!

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