8 comments on “Sucker For Pain: Pemi Loop 9/24-25/12

  1. That is a nice hike – looks like you also had very good weather. I have other friends who are into the mega miles in a day – 32 Pemi Loop in 14 hours – but hiking fast hurts my legs. Two days for that distance is still pretty punishing for me in the Whites.

  2. Yeah, taking a second night to do that would have been just fine. There were a lot of really nice places to stealth camp down at the bottom of Bondcliff, by the way. Longer miles like that would have been a little less painful in the summer, when there’s more daylight. Ah well.

  3. The Bonds looked incredible form Franconia when I was there and I asked a ridgerunner why can’t the AT run back over that?!?!? It looks super nice gonna have to put that one on the list next time im up in the WMNF.

    Stephen O.

  4. Yep. The AT (and the PCT, and any long distance trail, for that matter) misses quite a few really nice things in order to keep a continuous path. There are short detours like the Bonds, but there’s also stuff like the Catskills and Adirondacks in New York, or everything in West Virginia, the Taconics in Massachusetts and Vermont… there’s a lot of great stuff to see in the world 🙂

  5. Awesome hike, Ryan!
    But even more awesome are your photos.
    Some of the best autumn foliage shots I’ve seen this year!


  6. Thanks, John. Jeez… I figured the best of foliage is still a week or two away, but if last week’s trip was some of the best, I guess I can’t complain. I won’t be able to make it up north until the end of the week at the earliest, so I hope I don’t miss too much more.

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