4 comments on “Grout Pond on Skis, 1/21/13

  1. Although there is a standard for determining an exposure, technically it’s quite imaginable that Panasonic’s metering system works differently than Canon’s (perhaps due to some auto-scene-recognition or something). I just checked that your camera supports exposure compensation – try increasing it to +1/3 or +2/3 EV’s and if you like the pictures taken that way, you can leave the setting there. I’ve had just the opposite problem with my Nikon DSLR – I hated the all-white sky it produced sometimes, so I almost constantly used -2/3 EV’s to compensate.

    • Good idea, Balazs! I’m going to try that out with my next trip. With my Canon point-and-shoot cameras I also didn’t like the all-white sky, so I would always aim high to focus each shot to the correct lighting, then lower the camera with the focus held– and then end up with usually really good coloring for the trees as well as the sky. I guess I just have to get used to the fact that I’m going to need to learn new tricks.

  2. Snow will cause nearly all cameras to underexpose pictures on automatic settings. Snow reflects the light and makes everything brighter, sometimes to the point you need sunglasses as you’ve probably noticed before. It does the same for the camera’s sensor that sets the exposure. The camera sets the exposure lower to compensate for the brightness of the snow and this makes the picture turn out darker than it should be. So like Balazs said above, just turn the exposure compensation up incrementally while taking pictures till they look properly exposed.

    • Good point, Luke. I’m just realizing that some of the pictures I took on other days worked pretty well, like from the Okemo trip on Jan 2. I might have had the “snow” setting on the camera turned on, so maybe I’ll try that on the next trip. Otherwise, exposure compensation it is. Really, it’s mostly the pictures with clear sky and snow on the ground that come out too dark. Maybe I just need to pay attention to my pictures more.

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