6 comments on “Mount Nancy Bushwhack, 2/5/13

  1. The view from Norcross Pond is one of my very favorites and it’s been far too long since I’ve taken it in.

    I visited Mt. Nancy in winter some years ago – ten or more. I don’t recall that wide open view to Mt. Washington then. Did it look like it might have been recently opened?

    • Heck yeah, it’s a mighty nice view, especially because it’s one of those surprising ones. You expect views from the mountain top or a cliff, but not so much the pond outlet.

      The view on Mt Nancy could have been artificial for sure. I was wondering that, and I’m beginning to think I should check out the mountain in summer sometime to be sure.

  2. Hey Ryan . . . very nice report and the photos are great!

    For what it’s worth, my most recent visit to the summit of Mt. Nancy was July 2007. The view you experienced was there at that time. I didn’t see any obvious indication of “view enhancement” activity, but must admit that I didn’t do a thorough search for cut limbs, etc.


    • Hey John, thanks for the comment. Long time no see 😉

      It’s definitely hard to tell with all the snow on the ground, as far as view enhancement. Even though I would disagree with cutting open views on trail-less summits on principle, I must say it was a wonderful surprise to see it the other day. I’ll just hope it’s natural for now.

  3. That was a great hike Ryan – I’m glad we could drag you away from the keyboard for a while. I have to make this an annual trip, or at least some variant of it. Those ponds were fine.

    • Heck yeah! It’s always a pleasure to go on a fine hike like that with someone I don’t see too often. And considering how much time I’ve spent at the computer recently, a few more trips like that would be a welcome distraction 🙂

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