6 comments on “Remote and Cold: Bondcliff 2/16/13

  1. I hope this doesn’t mean you’ve lost your appetite for a Bonds-Zealand traverse next month.

    • I had thought of that while we were out there. Haha. Well, aside from the long, flat walk on the Wilderness Trail, there’s nothing about that hike I wouldn’t do again, so I’m in. We need to talk plans, though!

  2. Ryan, your reports are always such a joy to read. They’re simple, yet insightful. And your photos are always terrific, and you intersperse just enough so as not to overwhelm.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement toward the end of the report, i.e. “Maybe because one gets so used to the steep and winding trails in New England, it’s terribly hard to keep going in such a straight and flat line.”


    • Thanks again, John. I’m always happy to hear from you 🙂

      I actually thought of you when I looked at all those old logging roads in the Pemi, thinking that finding the routes and wandering along them would be something up your alley. I’ve got to do a bit more wandering through the woods at some point…

    • Always my Forty Below Overboots with hiking sneakers inside. And my MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes. They’ve all been getting a lot of use this winter. Maybe some more when I come up north? I’ll give you all the details in a bit…

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