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  1. What a great App. I section hike each year and have been using an app that really isn’t very good. You app. has all the details and updates I will need.

    Thank you for all your hard work.


    PS: us over 65 hikers need all the help we can get!!!

    • Jeanie, I’m so glad you like it! Please do let me know how it works out… I tested and tested as much as I could, but I’m always worried there’s a bug somewhere that I didn’t catch. And, of course, if you really like it, don’t forget to tell your friends 🙂

      Thanks you for your kind words. I’ll keep working on adding more sections of the AT to the app for the rest of your section hiking!

  2. Looks like a very useful, well executed app. I will go check it out. Am interested in the PCT app as well. Thank you for developing and sharing the app.

    • Thanks for your interest, Linda! The PCT versions of the app should be updated by the end of this month, so if you buy them now, just remember that they’re not in the upgraded state yet. The good stuff should arrive in a few weeks.

  3. This looks great. Are you planning an ap for those of us who have non-iPhone smart phones…..say Droids?

    • Hey RadioFreq, we are indeed working on the Android versions of the apps! My PCT partners are working hard on the programming for Android, starting with the PCT and John Muir Trail, but we’re hoping to have the AT version out sometime this summer. I have about a year’s head start on them for the programming, so that’s why the iPhone version is here already, but they’re moving really quickly. I’ll post updates on this blog when there’s news about the Android apps. Keep an eye out!

  4. Guthook:

    I have purchased three sections of the AT: Mass/VT, NH, and Maine over the past year. Used them up to a few minutes ago and now they seem to have disappeared from my iPhone! I am left with the Springer approach trail only. How do I get them back? Used the app a lot last summer in VT/NH. I want to be ready for this summer in NH/ME.

    • Hi Paul,

      There was a minor glitch in upgrading from previous versions to the current one, but the fix is quite simple. Just pull down the list of trail sections until you get the spinning refresh wheel, and wait for it to finish. That should take care of the issue.

        • From this comment, it seems that once you purchase sections you have access to all of the upgrades. Is that true, and is this a lifetime purchase? I ask because I section hike now, but plan to thru hike when I retire. (12 years from now)

  5. I’m hiking the AT this year, was hoping for an update on the Android app.thank you.

  6. Please include a search function? I just purchased a map pack and I’m having a hard time finding my starting point for a trip I am going to with my friends this weekend. My friend sent me a map snippet of the 30 miles I am walking this weekend at MA, but it’s really hard trying to compare and location without a search function … could I could only search for say … “fuzzy ball mountain, MA” and it would direct me that, it would be great!

    Well, guess when I get there, GPS will locate it for me! Although it would be great if I could search and peek ahead. 🙂

    App looks great, I can’t wait to use it this weekend! Thanks for the hard work and if it works well, I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know!

    • Gawh! Nevermind I found it. What I was looking for lapsed over onto the next set of map in MA, by a few inches literally. Just got the next map pack and I am ready to go now!

      • Hi Eric. Enjoy your trip! For a search feature, try the waypoint lists in the data book section– if you go to the very top of the “all waypoints” list, there’s a search bar that narrows down the waypoints by name. From there you can use the “show on map” or “show on elevation profile” link from each waypoint. Let me know if that helps, too. I’m always trying to improve the app 🙂

  7. I purchased guthooks at guide 3 & was downloading off line maps. Now it isn’t on my phone at all.

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